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Office of The Attorney General John J. Hoffman, Acting Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs Steve C.

Lee, Acting Director Division of Law Michelle Miller Acting Director For Further Information and Media Inquiries: Jeff Lamm Neal Buccino (973) 504-6327 New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and "Prada Puppies" Agree to Settlement, "Prada Puppies" Agrees to Change Business Practices and Pay $65,634 for Restitution, Reimbursements and Penalties View Final Consent Judgement NEWARK - Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman and the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and defendant Jessica Durkin, d/b/a "Prada Puppies," of Salem, a pet dealer who allegedly sold sick pets to consumers, have reached a $65,634.41 settlement that includes consumer restitution along with civil penalties and legal/investigative cost reimbursements. “We’re pleased that the affected consumers will be receiving restitution under this settlement,” Acting Attorney General Hoffman said. “We can’t undo the heartache these consumers suffered when their newly-purchased puppies became sick or had to be euthanized, but this settlement includes business practice reforms to ensure that only healthy pets are offered for sale going forward.” “The Pet Purchase Protection Act and the Pet Purchase Protection regulations require that cats and dogs offered for sale receive an examination from a licensed veterinarian before delivery, as well as disclosure to consumers that this important procedure has been completed,” noted Steve Lee, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

“Any consumer about to buy a pet should review their rights, as well as the seller’s responsibilities, under this law.” Five consumers will receive a total of $6,443.72 in restitution for the purchase price and/or veterinary costs incurred for their pets. Of the remaining settlement amount, $58,134.41 in civil penalties and cost reimbursements to the State are suspended for a 30-month period and will be vacated if the settlement terms are not violated.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1264659

All of this information is available on our Facebook page we were sued in 2014 left the investigation open for a full year and settled with the state July 22 2015 there is a public post on that day on our page. We also kept our 25k people on our page updated thru the entire process.

We were found of absolutely no wrong doing and provided all documentation to prove that. We chose to settle as to not have to spend another 20k defending ourselves. All vet bill were paid well before the stae sued us. Of the $6484 in vet bills owe almost $4700 of it was for a yorki poo who went hypoglycemic after going home which we have no control over and started the entire lawsuit.

The other $1800 was between 5 people for coccidda and kennel cough which we make clear can happen.

We are 100% transparent and if anyone has any questions in ref to the lawsuit we have no problem discussing it. Its also pinned at the top of our page we already make everyone more then aware

to Anonymous Newark, New Jersey, United States #1283258

Yes, you sure did keep them updated. With the same misinformation you're telling here.

You are absolutely NOT transparent in any way, shape, or form. Not when you tell people you buy from home based breeders and are really supplying from puppy mills. One day you will state your dogs are from USDA licensed kennels, another day you'll say you don't. One day you refuse to sell a particular breed and the next month they are the best puppies you've ever seen.

It goes on and on and you seem to make things up to suit the audience. You don't even provide proper paperwork!

to anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1312230

Never have we EVER stated our puppies from USDA kennels we no way shape or for offer puppies from USDA commercial kennels and NEVER stated we do. All puppies go home with required paperwork or we STILL wouldn't be offering puppies

to Anonymous #1390531

Hmmm. Like breeder information? Nobody gets shut down until they're caught.

to Anonymous #1396169

Oh, that's right. You aren't required to source from USDA licensed kennels because you're a pet dealer.

That just means the kennels where you get pups aren't even inspected minimally. Great.

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