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In November 2011 we purchased a 4 month old English Bulldog puppy from Jess Durkin..we already had rescued a 1 1/2 year old bulldog and even though we still have him he has a bad temperament and isn't good with children so my kids were begging for a puppy.. We saw an ad online and went to her farm to see the puppy..this was before she had the name Prada Puppies..her own personal bulldog Zoe had a litter of 13 puppies..

Ours was the last one left bc he had cherry eye and needed surgery before she could sell him.. He was neutered and had the eye surgery at the same time.. His eyes were very red and had a lot of discharge but she gave me drops to apply..he also had some bumps on his head that she said were from the anesthesia..you could tell the area on her porch was staged and there were 4 female Bulldogs running around the property and it felt weird but we brought him home anyway... She said he was house trained but honestly I don't think he was ever in a house before..

That night he pooped on the floor and the *** were filled with worms so the first thing the next morning I took him to our vet.. Who specializes in ebd care.. First thing he did was scrape the bumps and said I'm telling you now he has demodex mange.. Why did you bring this puppy home without calling me first..yes I'm a sucker..

So it turns out he's got fleas, worms, demodex mange and his eyes are destroyed..instead of tacking the inner eyelid they cut it out.. It looked ragged.. Turns out they destroyed his tear ducts and he no longer produces moisture in his eyes.. So flea treatment, worm treatment and ivermectin 2x a day at $80 a bottle for 8 months until his scrapings once a month were finally clear and eye ointment 2x a day at $45 a tube for life..

Plus all of his shots because we called the vet that was listed on the paperwork she gave us and they refused to verify anything so we were pretty sure she forged the paperwork..my vet made me call my husband to make sure treatment was ok because of how expensive it was going to be..so $400 at the vet that day and I go home and call Jess..she denies everything and offers to take the puppy back.. My husband and I talked about it and decided that we would not give him back to her because at this point she hadn't treated him for any of these issues who knows what she would do if we returned him and he was unsellable and neutered.. So I called her back and asked if she would split that days vet bill with us.. She said yes and we never heard from her again..a year or so later a friend got an ebd from Prada puppies and we realized it was the same person..

I messaged her and she called me a liar and said I was crazy..I did make a few calls to awa and they said as long as she provided food and shelter there was nothing they could do... My thing is this.. She had a litter of 13 English bulldog puppies that she sold for $2500 each..that's $30,000..but wouldn't spend a dime to get the last puppy healthy...

She's not just a bad business she is a horrible greedy person..5 years later it still makes me ill when I hear anything about her..Romeo is a healthy wonderful boy and live like a king now.. No thanks to Jess..this is a photo of him on the day we got him and now

Product or Service Mentioned: Prada Puppies Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maryland, United States #1351004

She continues to lie and sell from puppy mills. Denies she is breeding herself.

Also selling Heinz or her own "designer" breeds.

Stay far away!!!


Unconscionable what was done to that dog's eyes. This is her fabulous vet? He's a butcher!

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